Orlette Reyes

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines - SISFU Alumni - Orlette Reyes

School of Computing
Business Intelligence Analyst
INDRA Philippines Inc.

How has SISFU helped in my career?

First of all I would like to commend SISFU for her fine mentors. If it weren't for the hardworking faculty and management, the students would not be able to maximize their academic stay. SISFU had spoon-fed me in Business as well as in IT; this made me reflect through people that being in a foreign university is no different from being in a popular state or local university.

But of course, everything would still depend on you. How you take everything positively would help you in your career. SISFU's mentors had been there every step of the way, so don't waste the opportunity of befriending these mentors. Great professional and social relationship with your professors are keys to having shields and armors on your way to success.