Academic Subjects and Descriptors

Academic Subjects and Descriptors

Year 2

BBHM106    Marketing and Sales for Hospitality Businesses

Through study of Marketing and Sales for Hospitality Businesses students will be able to demonstrate an analytical and effective approach to formulating and implementing sales and marketing initiatives for a domestic or international hospitality business. Topics will include the role of sales and marketing, key concepts and theories, the importance of the customer and application of marketing mix principles.

BBHM202    Professional Wine Studies

Combining theoretical study with tastings in the colleges wine appreciation laboratory, Professional Wine Studies aims to develop confidence and skill in being able to make recommendations on developing wine lists and guiding customers in their choices. Topics studied include: the main wine regions in Australia, evaluation of the effect of climatic conditions, soil and location, and the basic characteristics, production methods and storage of red, white, sparkling and fortified wines.

BBHM203    Supervising International Hotel Front Office Operations 

Front office and its departments are pivotal and highly visible in setting the scene for the very first guest service experience and continue to be central in the delivery of the overall hotel experience for a guest. This subject will enable the student to demonstrate the knowledge and competencies required in the delivery, operation and supervision of Rooms Division Front Office service standards in relation to delivering guest expectations including reservations, front office/reception and executive club/lounge. Students will examine the operational characteristics of these service points. In doing so, they will analyse both the product and service in relation to the setting and maintenance of appropriate product and service standards and develop an appreciation of their associated costs.

BBHM204    Creating the Guest Experience

Delivered within the context of a cocktail bar/lounge setting in an international hotel, this subject enables students to demonstrate and analyse the range of professional skills, product knowledge and selling techniques that contribute to the creation of the guest experience. Topics studied include the contribution of design and environment to the guest experience and analysis of cost, revenue and marketing factors. Students will demonstrate their professional skills and product knowledge by creating a sales product that matches the environment and guest requirements in a fully equipped bar.

BBHM205    Human Resource Management (HRM)

This subject provides an overview of the knowledge and skills required to manage human resources in the hospitality industry. Students will be introduced to the key principles involved in the recruitment, selection, training and retention of individuals, and the role of HRM in supporting continual professional development. Topics also include study of the principles of management and motivation of individuals and work teams, an employer’s responsibility in terms of human resource legislation, and the relationship between HRM and an organisation's culture.

BBHM206    Property, Safety and Security Management

This subject introduces the complexities and interrelationships within facilities management, and demonstrates the importance of managing facilities within the context of a hospitality business and especially its importance in generating revenue. Within this subject students will also examine current international developments in the management of safety and security in hospitality businesses. Topics include: the importance of yield management in improving the performance and productivity of facilities; evaluating the importance of design on hospitality facilities; the role of outsourcing and the changing nature of ownership; guest, personal and building safety and security including the threat of natural disasters and terrorism.

BBHM209    Measuring Business Financial Performance

This subject supports the development of a range of skills that can be used to critically analyse and forecast business performance.  Students will be able to set up and operate a computer accounting system, demonstrate the production of simple budgeted operating plans for departmental budgets within a hospitality operation, interpret and analyse financial statements, and identify control mechanisms to monitor financial performance against predetermined budgets

BBHM211    Industry Placement 2

Industry placement arranged in collaboration with the Industry Training and Development team gives students a further opportunity to apply and develop their knowledge and skills in a different functional area to their first placement. Through the provision of weekly reports students, in the context of their work experience, will be able to: demonstrate and critique the application of their professional skills and knowledge; identify and evaluate planning and control systems; evaluate the management and delivery of service standards and reflect on supervision and management styles.

Year 3

BBHM301    Managing Business Financial Performance

This subject enables students to critically evaluate the financial performance of a hospitality business.  Study includes the development of technical skills and knowledge to better understand the range of financial and non-financial ratios and measures that can be used to evaluate a company’s performance, the role of financial markets and capital markets in relation to the hospitality industry, and the application of capital investment appraisal techniques to evaluate and interpret long term investments.

BBHM302    Managing Productivity through People

The focus of this subject is to critically examine and evaluate human resource management strategies available to hospitality organisations to ensure business needs are met through effective people management. Topics will include the concept and principles of performance management, leadership and the management of productivity, team building techniques and the relationship between managing people and organisational culture.

BBHM304    The Changing Economic Environment

Understanding of economic concepts, relationships and economic policy in the context of the hospitality industry will be gained through activities undertaken in this subject. Topics provide opportunity to develop knowledge on the workings of an advanced global economy; how economic change influences different types of markets; the role of competition and profitability in the global market and the economic impact of tourism and hospitality in emerging destinations.

BBHM306    Managing Food and Beverage Operations

The complexity of food and beverage operations will be examined in this subject. Students will develop knowledge of traditional and contemporary production and service systems used, and key factors that impact on the planning, management, resourcing and control of food and beverage service operations. Key factors include team dynamics, material costs, and current trends influencing food and beverage management.

BBHM307    Managing Rooms Division Operations

This subject will develop an understanding of the management of Rooms Division operations in the context of international hotels. Current trends in Rooms Division management will be explored, and knowledge developed relating to the management of resources, revenue management, measurement of performance and the use of technology within Rooms Division operations.

BBHM308    Sustainable Hospitality Environments

The concept of ‘sustainability’ in international hospitality environments, and the implications for both hospitality businesses and the hospitality consumer, will be examined in this subject. Students are encouraged to develop their knowledge of the main characteristics of sustainability, investigate new sustainability models, identify the potential impact on future products and services and analyse how sustainable hospitality can be measured and promoted.

BBHM406 International Wine

As an elective, this subject provides the opportunity to develop knowledge of the nature of international wine markets by region of origin, types of wines produced and domestic and export consumption patterns. Tasting classes in the wine appreciation laboratory will give students the confidence to make recommendations for the inclusion of selected international wines on wine lists, make appropriate recommendations to customers, and apply their experience to creatively pair food and wine.

BBHM412 Management of Functions and Events

Functions and events play an important role within the international hospitality sector and this elective examines the critical aspects of their management and their importance as a source of revenue. Study includes examination of the impact of function and events on the management of international hotel operations and evaluation of legal aspects and risk management. By attending an event, students will apply learning to critically analyse how facilities, human resources and services are managed.

BBHM311 Industry Placement 3

The third Industry Placement, arranged in collaboration with the Industry Training and Development team, gives students a further opportunity to gain relevant industry experience, develop professional networks and enhance skills. At this stage many students are able to use their  professional knowledge and skills to critique and evaluate the performance of team leaders or supervisors within the operation of an Australian or International hospitality business.