SFU Computer Society Holds Tekken Tournament

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines - Tekken
On October 29, 2012 the Computer Society organized a Tekken Tournament to raise funds and foster a competitive spirit.

Held at the MPH (Multi-Purpose Hall), the project aimed to provide students with a friendly, extracurricular outlet while also raising funds for projects.  

The Tekken Tournament was composed of two parts: the Qualifying round and the Tournament Proper. The former is the initial free-for-all competition. A registration fee of P50 allowed the contestants two “lives” to play with an additional charge of P15 for each life after. Players who achieve 5 wins were move to the 2nd part of the event or the Tournament Proper. The qualifiers from the first round will be invited back for the Tournament Proper which will be held during the first week of December. 

Due to the upcoming English proficiency exams and a heavy course load, the exact date has yet to be determined. However, keep your eyes and ears opened for that announcement as prizes await the victor. Congratulations to the winners of the qualifying round and see you then!

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