SFU Volleyball Off and Running

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines - SFU Volleyball Off and Running

The SFU women’s volleyball team participated in the annual Southville Monarch’s Cup which was held during the months of September and October. There were familiar faces and familiar competitors but what stood out to me was how silence and noise can motivate and demotivate players. 

Our characters and personalities were challenged more than our volleyball skills because of the ups and downs we went through. I’ve learned that the silence of one is not helpful since it brings down the confidence of the players and the noise the whole team makes, no matter what the score, uplifts the spirits of our members. Last October 17 was the Pioneers’ last game in the Monarch’s Cup and for me that was the best moment that we had as a team during the competition. Everyone simply had fun and the display of teamwork is admirable. I am proud to be on this team and like any family we have times that bring us down. But right now what matters most is that we have learned from our mistakes and we’ve managed to come together as SFU, one team.

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