SFU Futsal Activities Off to a Great Start

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines - SFU Women Futsal Team

The futsal team has been never as active as it is this year. With the women’s team having their tournament, the Philippine Futsal League, the girls have been working hard and giving much time to their training. 

For the teams’ preparations for the leagues and tournaments, both teams are also having their tune up games-- by inviting other futsal clubs to play inside the campus.  In a recent PFL away game held on October 13, 2012 at the University of Makati against Los Borrachos, SFU’s Women’s Futsal team gave their best to hold the score at 0-0 for the first ten minutes. There were some excellent scoring chances by Joanne and Rosh, great saves by Goalie Jham and effective defensive strikes by Rem. Despite the defeat the team displayed talent and promise for future completions.


Holding their heads up high, the SFU futsal club is determined to represent and make SFU known to other schools and local universities in the sport.


The Women's Futsal team are Maria Heidi Gerardino, Carileine Bamahrez, Rosh Batarilan, Robee Joy Sunga, Jham Heruela, Rem Dalisay and Joanne Morales. They are pictured at University Of Makati. 

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