SFU Celebrates Induction of Officers

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines
Now is the time to know and recognize the places of our org leaders! 

The SFU Induction of Officers was held last October 15 at the SISC Tropical Building, MPH room. Vonfred A. Aliño and Mary Lojo were the Masters of the Ceremony spearheading and guiding the event to its proper plan and schedule, which was prepared by the lovely Felicity McNamara and Karmena Goita. Various org leaders and officers were induced and recognized at the stage starting from the Student Council down to sports organisations. This was followed by the Oath of Leadership where the org leaders and officers pledged to do their jobs with utmost honor and respect.

The special guest speaker, Mr. Rommel Juan, gave a little talk about the history of his internationally awarded business known as Binalot Fiesta Foods. With entrepreneurial tips and humor that caught the attention of many, I would only want to say one thing to him: “Where Have You BEANS?!”

We greatly thank Mr. Rommel Juan for your wise advise.

As we came to the end of the event, the best for last, the open auction headed by El Freydo, Vonfred’s made-up cousin from somewhere in South America ended in laughter and all donated items went home to the highest bidders.

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