School of Business goes to PSE, BSP

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines - School of Business at PSE, BSP
Industry visits are a regular activity undertaken by the School of Business and Computing to show students applications of the theories and lessons that they have encountered in the classroom.

In addition to enhancing the curriculum, visits allow students to see a variety of different careers available to business majors.

For this term, 1st Term of AY 2012-2013, the industry visit of the second year students centered on the Philippine economy and the capital markets. The students’ visit to the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) Ortigas Trading Floor, COL Financial Group, Inc. (COL), and the Economic and Financial Learning Center of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) further enhanced the students’ knowledge and appreciation of the current business subjects they are taking such as Business Decision Making, Business Environment, Managing Financial Resources, and Organizational Behavior.

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines - School of Business at PSE, BSP

The first stop of the group was at the PSE Ortigas Trading Floor. The students were met by representatives from Accord Capital Equities Corporation, who explained the functions of the PSE as the regulator of trades and traders of equities. The students were also able to have a glimpse of real-time trading as they observed the activities on the PSE trading floor during the opening of the market. They were likewise briefed on the ease of trading using online stock trading platforms.

COL Financial Group, Inc., a publicly-listed company and a leading online stock brokerage firm in the country, was the second destination in the itinerary. SFU students attended a COL seminar entitled “Investing in the Stock Market Today.” Mr. Mike Viñas, Corporate Accounts Manager of the firm, introduced students to basic concepts and opportunities of investing in the stock market. The seminar particularly focused on the cost averaging method of investing in the equities market and the power of compounding. The students were delighted by the money-making opportunities that await investors in the stock market, most especially those who start at a young age.

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines - School of Business at PSE, BSP

The culminating activity for the industry visit was a tour around the BSP’s Economic and Financial Learning Center (EFLC) where they were welcomed by Director Zeno Ronald R. Abenoja. The BSP EFLC has a huge collection of books, periodicals and other resources that supports the Bank’s research needs. It has built up a comprehensive collection covering subjects on general economics, international economics, monetary economics, banks and banking, business and finance, fiscal theory and institutions, urban and regional economics, manpower, accounting, management and general works. The ELFC’s chief librarian extended her invitation to students, faculty, and researchers of SFU, asking them to make use of the facility to further enhance knowledge creation and dissemination in the field of business, accounting, and economics. The visit to the EFLC included a lecture on the state of the Philippine economy and the Philippine financial system straight from the economic analysts of the BSP.

All in all, it has been a knowledge-enriching journey, which surely deepened students’ appreciation of the various business courses they are taking.

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