Second Year School of Hospitality Management Students on Bohol

Last 05-07 November 2011, 2nd Year students of the Hospitality Management, Leisure and Tourism, and Culinary Arts went to Bohol for a Hotel Familiarization tour. They were accompanied by Ms. Mafe Rebong, the lecturer for Rooms Division Operations, and Mr. Albert Tijam, the Head of Academic Support. The tour was organized by Group Tour Specialists Inc.

They went to seven different kinds of accommodation available in Bohol. Those accommodations were Bohol Tropics Resort, a City Hotel; Metrocentre Hotel and Convention Centre, also a City Hotel; Alona Tropical Beach Resort, an unclassified Beach Resort; Homestay de Bai, a Bed and Breakfast; Bohol Plaza Resort, a mountain resort; Bluewater Panglao, a Class AAA and Small Luxury Resort; and Bohol Bee Farm Resort, a Special Interest Resort. They had an ocular/familiarization of the different rooms and facilities that the hotels had. They also had a Bohol Countryside Tour, the famous tour in Bohol, wherein they travelled to the most visited Tourist Attractions in Bohol like the Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Conservation Area, Loboc River Cruise, Baclayon Church, Blood Compact Site, Bilar Man-Made Forest, and the zoo where they captive the biggest python in Bohol. They also shopped for souvenirs and had a demonstration of the famous local delicacy, Kalamay, in Aproniana.

Students stayed in Alona Tropical Beach Resort for the first night of the trip and in Bluewater Panglao for the second night of the trip.

This trip is linked to the units Rooms Division Operations; Marketing and Sales Development and Merchandising; and Conference and Banqueting Management. This tour would help the students in answering their assessments, as well as they also witnessed the operations in the Hospitality Industry.

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