Cultural Diversity Showcase & Costume Contest


1. To encourage teamwork among the students through the Student Council.

2. To showcase the different cultures of countries selected by the students.

The organizers prepared the mechanics for the event and turned over the conceptualization and execution to the outgoing SFU Student Council (SC) for SY 2010-2011. The SFU SC President Czarina Aguilar spearheaded the planning and implementation of the event from the set-up of display area to the other activities.

The students were divided into 10 groups and were given a free hand to select the country of their choice with the upper classmen acting as the leaders per group. Students were given a specific place in the lobby to showcase the country selected last 20 July 2011. A spirit of global presence was set in the campus. Last 23 July, the SC met with the representatives of each country for a briefing on the event. 

Registration and attendance were the first agenda last 25 July 2011. The students showcased dishes of countries they represented and they came in costumes. There was film showing from 1-5pm. There were several categories for the competition in showcase and costume. For the showcase the winners ranged from the overall champion up to 3rd runner up. For the costume competition, there were 2 categories- male and female ranging from the best in costume up to 2nd runner up winners. 

The champions for the showcase competition were Sonia Chohan, Paula Esplana, Gabriel Ibrahim, Kechie Price and Enrico Tenorio. The winners for the Best in Costume Male and Female categories were Matthew Pariña and Athena Puedan, respectively.

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