Freshmen Culinary Goes To Binondo

Last 11 November 2011, the freshmen Culinary Arts students went on a gastronomic experience as they went to Binondo China Town, Manila. This expedition was headed by Chef Paul Samson and was also chaperoned by Ms. Yvette Bautista. The trip started of in the most famous Binondo Church where Mr. Ivan Man Dy, the Old Manila Walk tour guide, went on telling the group about the history of the church as well as the history of how the Chinese people migrated to the Philippines. This went on as the group walked through the allies of Binondo, seeing all the nooks and hole-in-the-wall restaurants. They first visited a little restaurant that was hidden behind the dusty walls of China town where they had Fresh Lumpia that was definitely out of the ordinary. They also went to the original Eng-Bee-Tin restaurant where they had Halo-halo (a soup made out of boiled meats and vegetables) and Quiampung (salted rice). Who knew that these students were lucky enough to meet the man behind the oh-so famous Hopia, Mr. Eng-Bee Tin himself! They then proceeded to Dong Bei Dumpling where they had authentic dumplings freshly hand-made daily. What is Chinese food without Siopao? The students not only chomped on these yummy rice buns but also were briefed on its historical background. As the trip came to its end, they visited the most famous pasalubong store in Binondo which was the Eng Bee Tin Chinese deli. They sampled different kinds of Hopias brought merchandises to take home to their families. The trip was definitely fun despite the hot weather and the students ended it with a pictorial back in the Binondo Church. Truly an experience the students will never forget!

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