Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Business Administration

Developing Managers in a Highly Competitive World

The programme for Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration equips one with the skills and knowledge to be an effective business leader, either to set up his own business or for employment

Why Study Business Administration at SISFU? 

  • Programme allows a student to develop bloom as an independent learner, giving him the freedom to investigate tried and tested business principles, plus current business practices―to thus enable him to propose down-to-earth and practical solutions to contemporary business issues.
  • A student is encouraged to explore a wide range of business applications, using cases, models and actual experience―under the mentorship of industry experts and through networking with business practitioners. 
  • SISFU Business graduates enjoy high employability status. 

BA Degree Majors: 

Marketing: One of the most dynamic and demanding business disciplines. SISFU's Marketing track arms the student with the skills and practical knowledge to apply and manage the tools required for effective customer focus and engagement―this in spite of highly competitive markets. 

Marketing Career Opportunities: Unlimited career options await a Marketing graduate, from brand management to advertising, public relations, event management, e-marketing, even entrepreneurship.

Management: Filling industries' need for leaders. Management subjects prepare the student for strategic thinking and analysis, and for planning, organising and controlling business processes and systems, as they work closely with people and teams across an organisation. 

Management Career Opportunities: Management graduates have traditionally been sought, especially for fast-track training as leaders in key functions, especially of large organisations and multi-nationals. Also recommended for entrepreneurship-bound students.