Foreign University International School Manila Philippines - Dr. Melva M. Diamante
ou're on your way to fulfilling your purpose. While your eyes are focused on that dream, allow us to help you gear up for it. Let SISFU be that gateway to your promising international career.

Through our solid partnerships with renowned international educational institutions and industry-trained professionals and academicians who will be your mentors, we hope to give you a unique learning experience―one which both teaches and motivates you to sharpen your skills and develop your gifts; and one which likewise energizes you to explore, experiment, innovate, think differently, and surpass your insecurities and sense of limitation. Let college life be your period of self-discovery and growth.

Let your stint at SISFU be a season for gathering as many memorable experiences as possible, and using all these to propel you to success as you face bigger challenges after graduation.

Get the most out of your SISFU years, applying your new-found skills and academic principles to resolve real-life situations and issues―business and otherwise. Our low student-to-teacher ratio ensures optimum learning, allowing each faculty to effectively respond to each student's unique learning experience.

Enjoy your being part of an international community. Learn not only from your courses, but from and through your classmates and faculty who come from various cultural and economic persuasions and classes.

Keep in mind too that a teachable attitude, discipline, and a striving for excellence are keys to helping you become a world-class professional, someone predisposed to tackling the demands of our very competitive and global marketplace―something which SISFU hopefully wants to inculcate in you.

So come and visit us. We'd be pleased to tell you more about your future school.